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The ABC's of DBT

Maria Alba, Psy. D Doctoral Candidate, joins us on the couch this week as we explore her life as a student, DBT therapist, and wedding photographer. We reminisce about that first case in graduate school where you feel like you are sent out into the ocean before you know how to swim and all of the familiar insecurities therapists feel when as we are finding our sea legs. We might be still looking for them. Steph, Jess, and Maria explore the idea of self-disclosure and genuineness-can you be a genuine therapist without self disclosing? How have the teaching on self-disclosure changed over the years and how can we keep up? Maria’s passion for DBT helps to dispel some misconceptions Jessica may have had about the modality. Oh, and we make fun of our own accents before you do.

In this episode, we cover:

-All the trials and tribulations of being a therapy student you may have forgotten

-Being a therapist with a side hustle

-How therapy is a lot like wedding photography (stay with us here)

-Being yourself in the therapy space

-How excruciating it is to listen to your own recorded voice

-The ABC’s of DBT

Our mission is to create genuine and honest conversations about what being a therapist is really like. If you find yourself shouting “yes!” as you listen like a ghost, then we have done our job. If you’d like to join the mortal realm and share your thoughts/feelings/reactions, we’d LOVE to hear from you!

Follow us on instagram @TheOtherCouchPodcast, visit our website and, or shoot us an e-mail at and tell us what came up for your during the episode (but please be nice because our egos are fragile.)

We are always looking for unique and diverse helping professionals to join us on the couch for deep conversation.

IG: @theothercouchpodcast

Guest: @maria_alba

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