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In My Nature

Session 5 of The Other Couch is now published! Jennifer joins us from her upstate NY retreat. The scenery is lovely, she is lovely, her story is vulnerable, inspiring and so engaging. We were honored to have her stay and chat about life as human beings, navigating the pandemic as therapists and how her early life experiences brought her to the path of becoming a therapist, healer and business owner.

Jennifer Giuglianotti, M.S, BC-DMT, LCAT is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist, Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, and founder of Balanced Life Movement in Brooklyn and upstate, NY. Her practice is steadily growing and now includes five Creative Arts Therapists offering integrative, holistic psychotherapies. She blends talk therapy with body-centered approaches: Dance/Movement Therapy, play therapy, and art-making. Her creative approach is grounded in Gestalt therapy, which asserts that our bodily experiences form the base of our relationships in the world. When words are not enough, movement and art languages communicate the feelings surrounding illness to better understand and heal. Jennifer also leads creative arts therapy retreats in nature at Bloom by the River Mountain House. With nature, creativity, and support, we have the capacity to create remarkable change in our lives.

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